Windows Package Manager Released

Linux has always had its package manager and benefiting users. Now, Windows has finally released its own native package manager called Windows Package Manager. It is available right now and, It’s been in development for about a year and now they have finally released the stable version of Windows Package Manager Version 1.0.

The release was recently announced at Microsoft Build 2021. The command line client is called “winget”. Windows Package Manager basically is a command line utility to make installing software and programs.

This was already in development for almost a year now and was available to Windows insiders and users who were already signed up for Windows Package Manager. According to Microsoft, the package manager has over 1400 unique packages when they were announcing its release. This will mostly help IT administrators who need to install or update large number of systems at a time but individuals can get the benefit too.

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This package manger is going to be included in an Automatic Update soon and any system with Windows 10 version 1809 or later will get it. Since version 1809 is years old already, pretty much all the systems will get it unless you have a really old machine without any updates. But incase you want to experience it earlier than that, you can download it using Microsoft Store and download App Installer.

Microsoft has created a tool to submit packages to their Repository and they are calling it Windows Package Manager Manifest Creator. With the manifest creator tool any developer can create and submit package.