get or download youtube subtitles without any tools

For any video on YouTube, you can easily download a written transcript or the subtitles of the video. You do not need to be an expert or professional to get this done. This is very useful if you are unable to keep up with the foreign accent and want to learn or understand the language or if you just need the text for some other purposes.

Step-by-step guide to get or download youtube subtitles without any tools

  1. First open the video on youtube for which you want to get the subtitles.
  2. Scroll down, just underneath the video you will see 3 dots there, click on it and choose “Open Transcript” which will open transcript for you on the right hand side.
download youtube subtitles
  1. The transcript that just opened has timestamps and if you don’t require it, you can easily remove it.
  2. You do this by clicking the three dots on the right hand top portion of transcript section. Click on it and choose “Toogle Timestamp”. This will get rid of the time stamps.
Toogle timestamp youtube
  1. Next, all you need to do is copy the content and paste it to where everever you want.