Whatsapp delete policy account

WhatsApp has now released a FAQ section detailing its plans on how the events will unfold for the users who do not agree to its new Privacy Policy. Users have until 15th of May to decide whether they want to push the ‘Agree’ button or just let it be. If you do not accept the changes by that time, you risk getting your WhatsApp account deleted eventually.

Starting 15th May, functionality will be limited to the users who do not accept its changes. You will be able to receive calls and notification over the app but will be restricted from reading or sending messages. Speaking to TechCrunch, The company confirmed this will only last a few weeks quoting

“You’ll be able to receive calls, but not much else”

With so much backlash from the users, it delayed the date to 15th May, but the company does not intend on backing out. Previously, the new policy was supposed to come into effect on February 8th.

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The company says it won’t delete any of the accounts even if the users haven’s accepted the changes by May 15th. They will still be able to accept it after the date. However, it deletes the accounts which are inactive for 120 days.