facebook collab app

Facebook has launched its collaborative music video app “Collab” for iOS users. With the help of this app, you can create a short music video by mixing up three single videos. “Collab” is now officially launched on Apple App Store in the US.

The users can also post the music video in the public “Collab” feed, where all other users can watch it. We can say it is similar to TikTok as there is a feed of videos uploaded by users which anyone can browse.

If you are interested in any musician on the app, then you can like it and receive notifications whenever they post a new video, just like Youtube, where the subscribers receive notifications whenever a new video is up on their channel.

In the Collab app, you can create your own video by splitting the three tabs and make one video. Or you can pick any clips from other users and create a new one. The app has in-app tools to sync the parts, so don’t worry about arranging the videos.

All the videos on Collab are public so that anyone can use them, and the original artist will get credits whenever their video is used. You can directly share the videos to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and others via iOS Share. However, when the video is shared on any app, there will be a watermark of the app.

Collab app is available for free to download on App Store in the US. At present, there are no words by the company on when the app will be coming to other markets.

Earlier in May, Facebook launched Collab in beta version in the US and Canada. When the app was in the beta stage, improvements were made to the audio-syncing capabilities and compatibility. It also has support for electronic instruments.