Microsoft Office

Recently, Microsoft confirmed a new version of Microsoft Office without a subscription license to launch around second half of 2021.

Microsoft has been pushing its subscription based office suite for long, and is a great way to access its all up-to-date tools and features. While it could be a good way to keep up with the updates, there are users who just wish to buy a copy and keep it for years to come. After all a lot of us just need word processor and excel(spreadsheet) and paying monthly just to use those basic necessities doesn’t makes sense.

In a blog post by the Exchange team, Microsoft hinted on the new perpetual release of Microsoft Office for both Windows and Mac, in the second half of 2021.

With just minor information shared in the news post, there is no certain details regarding its price, name or availability. But knowing Microsoft’s naming scheme for office editions, they may just call it Microsoft Office 2022. It is likely a home or retail edition targeted to individuals and small businesses. We could never know for a fact until it is released to the public or hear from the folks at Microsoft.